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Title: SC.01.01.

2.13 min

Edition of 6

Scale 4:3

Restored edition 2001-2021

Link to 18 second teaser

SC.01.01 was created in 2001 as the first collaborative work between Anne Katrine Senstad and composer JG Thirlwell. The video work is a visual and sonic glitch piece that explores poetic a beauty in digital glitch and noise. The video was first screened in 2003 in New York as part of a group show curated by KJ Baysa MD, and accompanies a series of photographic works entitled Light and Sound Panels, 2002, that were exhibited at Galleri JMS in Oslo, Norway as part of the group show PLEXI curated by Birgitte Schiøtth and in 2003 as part of Senstad's solo show ONE at the same gallery, and at Transient NYC, in New York that same year, curated by Laura Raisanan, then at Jeffrey Deithc Projects in Soho, NY.

Senstad created the early experimental glitch video and photographic pieces through several stages of digital and manual actions, experiemntal analogue camera manipulations, and traditional video editing. The meterial is self referential: sound as material to cut up and scratch, as documentation, visual manifestation and aesthetic compositions, - and a record of an obsolete sound program Senstad used to create her own soundscapes in 1998-2001 and its langauge.

Music by JG Thirlwell
Courtesy of Entopic Music