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On the occassion of The 56th La Biennale di Venezia 2015

The Vanity of Vanities by Anne K Senstad. An immersive multi video projection, sound and suspended mirrored plexiglas installation at El Magazen Dell'Arte. The installation consisted of the video pieces The Swamp and The Vanity of Vanities, both with sound composed and performed by JG Thirlwell.

Curated by Dr Roberta Semeraro. Organized by Associazione Culturale RO.SA.M

May 9 - June 30 2015

El Magazen dell'Arte
Dorsoduro 1375
30123 – Venezia

Here: Curatorial Text download

Co funded by PNEK.org Norway, APT Global and Zhulong GalleryPartners:Kunstforum, Maap, Cudera

The Swamp was also part of Safina Radio Projects, a United Arab Emirates Venice Biennale Collaterali Eventi Radio Project organized by Alserkal Avenue in Dubai, UAE.

Link to site with The Swamp: safina radio project

Links to short documentation videos from the installation:

Here: The Vanity of Vanities immersive installation Documentation

Here: The Swamp immersive installation Documentation