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Project title: The Urban Sugarcane Plantation, 2009. An Agricultural Urban Project in New Orleans. Sugarcane plantlets are planted in streets and backyards where they would naturally grow prior to the modern city structure we have today, and as an effort to bring agriculture to city areas with low income for sustainability. Sugarcane has soil binding and soil purifying properties which is useful during hurricane season, in addition to providing juice, sugar and fuel.

Planted May 2009 by Agricultural Economist Alexandre Vialou

Location: Elysian Fields, New Orleans

A Site,Time, Situation Specific Urban Agricultural installation, in collaboration with Ronnie Waguespack JR, Agricultural Economist Alexandre Vialou, and KK Projects,

With collaborative support from:
Alexandre Vialou –Agricultural Economist
The Steamboat House, New Orleans
The Sugarcane League –Louisiana Division
Assistant: Pamala Bishop
Tim Connover White -  Ecologist

Supported by The Royal Norwegian Consulate Houston