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Title: "The Venus Chapter" 2011

Multi channel HD video w/4 channel surround sound.

6.54 min
Edition of 6
Music composed by St Cecilie

{Still images from video}

The Venus Chapter is the 6th video in the colour and sound process video series. It is a study on projections of my video works that are projected onto and merge with nature, architectonic forms, moving figures and creates a constant movement of pure light and colour. In this particular piece I am concerned with the relations between the movement of water and figure, as well as light itself. In recording light and colour movement in essence. we experience the retinal perseptions of frequencies and colours. The sensorial and perseptive displays are poetic, yet sculptural in shape and fluid in movement. With a soundtrack by St Cecilie that underlines the subjectivity of the visual performance.

In collaboration with Adrinadrina

Special thanks to Antoni Roixes and Ivan Garcia