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Title: "The Infinity of Colour" 2011
8.58 min

Single channel video

The Infinity of Colour is a documentation of the multiple projection and surround sound installationwith the same title at THISISNOTAGALLERY in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011.

Curated by Carlos Baragali, TINAG

The exhibition documentation video The Infinity of Colour, represents Anne Katrine Senstad’s body of projection installation work focused on light, color and sound. She has created a labyrinthian space of projections and sound that examine the phenomenology and the notions of sensorial aesthetics and experiences of light, color, sound, ocular perceptions, spatial relations and awareness of the process of perception through multi channel projections and the dimensional properties of 4:1 surround sound. The piece is meditative, pulsating and hypnotic in its simplicity of light, color and sound environments.

The exhibition included the video works: Colour Kinesthesia (2010), Colour Synesthesia Variation I and II (2010-11), KInesthesia for Saint Brigid (2011), The Locker Plant Projections (2011) and The Venus Chapter (2011).

Cabrera 5849, Palermo
Buenos Aires - Argentina