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Select photographic works from the series Soft Geometry - Faktura, 2015 - ongoing.

Soft Geomtery - Faktura is a series of collage works that were born from sketches created alongside my stone wrapping works in 2015 as part of my artist residency at The Marblehouse in Vermont, where I measurered and bound large slabs of marble stacked in a former Marble quarry to create sculputral intervention mapping and land sketches in the natural landscape. Working further with the consept, the final Soft Geomtery works are informed by construcitvism, geometry and Malevich's issue of Faktura, a consept relating to surface, the capacities and functions of the creative mind in relation to being one with ones disciipline - fully fused with the object, as part of the Suprematist teachings, texts, aesthetics and philosophies. The resulting body of work intergrates all aspects of the original land mass works with the creative process itself, and the artists action and aesthetic language.

Collaged from Color Negative film.
Photographic C Prints
Sizes: 12x12 inches and 60x60 inches.

Edition of 6

2015- ongoing

Link to see the original Marble Quarry Land Art piece