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Photographic series Fabric Sculptures - Textile Topography.

These works derive from video stills from Senstad's video installation series Colour Synesthesia I - VII, 2007-15 that have been extracted and printed onto various fabric materials to embody the passage of time as solidified and represented through a color composition.

By transforming video stills of pure colors that are used to create color environments and through gestrure recreating the element of time as solidified into textile sculptures, the object and placement emphasizes the narrative of the expressed organization of the fabric and the location. A series of the textile sculpture works are also site specific installations as part of the series Textile Topography, where the specific topography informs the installation and vice versa - there is a dialogue betweeen place and color, an emphasized poetry in its placement. Below are installation images from Bærum Kunsthall, Norway 2016, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, 2016, Pharan Studio, Jeddah 2016, Video stills from Time Beyond Place, 2017, and Video stills from Textile Topography at Storhøvd, Hemsedal, 2016.

Sizes: Variable.

Edition of 6