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ELEMENTS II, 2018-19

Artist Statement PDF HERE

Neon tubes, transformers, transparent columns, wires, attachments. Dimentions variable.

All images, installation design and artwork © Anne Senstad. For inquiries on this installation please contact info (at) annesenstad (dot) com.

Photos by Anne Katrine Senstad and SHAO Yi

ELEMENTS II is the second monumental light sculpture installation in the ELEMENTS series that began in 2018.

The sensorial installation can be defined as a hybrid post-spectacle experiental installation that hovers on the territroy of a critical piece referencing a capitalist consunmer society and yet in the language of the minimalist architectural, immersive light sculpture installations as a color environment on perception of space and the phenomenology of light, color and sound as in Elements I.

The installation was created for the exhibition Scene Unseen- On Nordic Art and Design at He Xiangning Art Museum, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Curated by Feng Boyi and Bjørn Inge Follevåg. Dec 1, 2018- March 3, 2019.


The exhibition is supported by DOGA Norway and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General Guangdong.