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The Calligraphy Challenge, 2015. CULTURUNNERS.

A Gestural Text performance by Anne Senstad - Learn to write Arabic and Farsi Nastaliq Calligraphy while on a shaky RV bus travelling from New York to Detroit. The project is part of CULTURUNNERS cross cultural effort initiative and road trip across America 2015-17, bringing arabic culture and international artists on the RV bus tour as part of the Art laboratory. Calligraphy sentences consisted of city and place names, political statements as well as romantic sentences referencing the travellers longing. Part of the Culturunners activity is communication and social media as platform for the projects and outreach. The media outfitted RV bus allowed me to receive Calligraphy lessons from Calligraphy practitioners in the Middle East as well as comments from followers in Norway, Middle East and the US. Texts below are: Detroit, Palestine Lake Indiana, Saudi America, New Palestine Indiana, Eternal Kisses.

Organized by Stephen Stapleton, co curated by Ava Ansari. Funded by Office for contemporary Art Norway, Art Jameel and Edge of Arabia.