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Essence of Color by Birgitte Christin Schiøth
Birgitte Christin Schiøth is an artist, curator and art advisor who manages Galleri
Kaare Berntsen in Oslo, Norway. She ran Galleri JMS in Oslo until 2005.


Anne Katrine Senstad's new photographic series "The Pink Project" is a continuation of
her earlier body of work "Essence of Light" and "Light, Color, Sound" where she has been
concerned with the relationship between light and color.
"The Pink Project" reflects both light’s effect and immersion in the world of
color. Senstad problemetizes the experience of light and color, what happens with these
elements through the creative process.
The Pink Project is an atmospheric voyage through an internal space, something eternal,
with depth, something comfortably delicate which simultaneously conveys a sense of
sensual lightness. We experience a dreamlike state in a floating universe. The sensitive
and fragile seems uncomfortably close yet distant.Senstad's photographs are color merged
with color, light merged with light, where space and perspective are transformed to an infinite
sphere. Her direction is clear and solid in relation to the play between colors. Here she
conveys her knowledge about cold and warm light temperatures, of science.

The photographs are painterly beautiful. The delicateness of the pieces expand and strengthen
the spatial sense she displays. Behind, below the first impression of a calm minimalist surface,
we find a nerve and strange world hard to put into words. The Pink Project is an entrance into
a sensual estheticism and poetic delicacy. Various spaces in cobalt blue, green, grey and pink
create their own sublime expressions.
You will find traces of inspiration from the color theory of Joseph Albers, Wassily Kandinsky
and Goethe. Her work also associates with the abstract expressionist Mark Rothko or the
contemporary artist Gerhard Richter's abstract works. Our thoughts can go to James Turell's
use of natural light or Dan Flavin's artificial and colorful light sculptures. But Anne Katrine Senstad
has over the past years developed her own refined maturity and depth as an artist. She has with
her own personal expression built upon a strength found in nuances of light and color.


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