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ZENDAI MOMA, Shanghai - April 15-May 15 2008.

Exhibition title White Light Neon Words, a site specific installation series in the public realm that took place at 140 Sq M Gallery and at The Loft in Shanghai as part of Intrude 360, a public art program organized by curator Lies Coppens. All Neon texts are in English and Chinese. The sentences are re interpretations, word play and linguistic statements on the philosophy of perception, light, color and the notions of language, literature and culture. They are extracted and altered from Goethe, Octavio Paz, Baurdillard as well as Senstad's own texts.

List of Neon Sentence Titles / in Edition of 3 / Dimentions Variable:

Forget Flavin

Light Owes Its Existence to the Eye

The Pink Room Has No Walls

Light Writes Always in Plural





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