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The Norwegians, Volume 1
Artist Book, published 2005. Contains of 50 portraits, essays by acclaimed Norwegian author Thure Erik Lund, On the Hell of Being Norwegian and Gerhard Sander,August Sander foundation, On Subjectivity and Documentation. 80 pages. Published by AKS New York. Designed by Pure + Applied, NY. Out of print.

The Norwegians, Volume 2
Artist Book, published 2009. Contains of 52 portraits, essays by art historian and critic Kjetil Røed Norwegianized: A case of Specific Women and director of Stiftelsen 3,14 Malin Barth, Portraits: Marker of Identity. 96 pages , Hardcover, Published by AKS, New York. ISBN 978-82-998001-0-9. Funded by Norwegian council for Cultural Affairs and The Norwegian Federation of Craft Enterprises.Designed by Pure + Applied, NY

Exhibition Installation views
Darkness Descends, PA

Gale Gates Gallery, NY

The Norwegians exhibition, NY
The Norwegians exhibition , NY

The Norwegians exhibition, NY
The Norwegians exhibition, NY
The Norwegians exhibition, NY

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