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Title: Tears on a Coffin   2013

6.56 min

HD Single Channel Video

A site specific public art installation that took place in Sunnyside, Queens, NY October 2013.
Organized by the art foundation No Longer Empty, NY. Curated by Sarah Corona for No Longer Empty.
The project was supported by The Royal Norwegian Consulate General New York, Gallery Nine5, 419 Neon and Sunyside Shines BID.
The installation consisted of Anne Katrine Senstad's Neon sentence, a funeral car, a mariachi band (not included in the video), a video installation in P.J.Horgan's Irish Pub consisting of scrolling biblical texts and random pub goers and passerby's. The Neon sentence was later installed in the pub for the remaining weeks of the installation.

Sound by Anne Senstad and Ulf Knudsen.

©annekatrinesenstad 2013