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14.37 min

HD Single Channel Video

Sound composed by JG Thirlwell.

The video TIME BEYOND PLACE is a narrative and poetic documentary and experential work on Senstad's all female arti8st initiative created in Saudi Arabia in 2016-17. The initiative is a cross culural platform examining ways of responding to cultural heritage, vernacular architecture, entropy, memory codes and domesticity through contemporary art practices such as site specificity, sculptural earth and installaiton art, performative interventions as well as investigations and usage of the woman only tradition of Qut painting from the Asir region in southern Saudi Arabia including workshops produced by Senstad and Jameelah Mater. The video feateres the art practices of Senstad, Dr Zahrah AlGhamdi, Ghada Da, Jameelah Mater and local women artists in the rural Asir region. The video explores art practices and cultural heritage bordering pre Islamic era through contemporary visions as a vehicle to examine and recognize aspects of the feminine engrained in our psyche and linegage in history, while simultanously raising awareness to the value and enigma of women as art practitioners across cultural, religous and political borders.

The TIME BEYOND PLACE initiative is a joint ITHRA project in collaboration with CULTURUNNERS. The video work is produced, directed, edited and organized by Senstad with initial research support from Office for Contemporary Art Norway and Norske Billedkunstnere(Norway).

©annekatrinesenstad 2017