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- The sun i presume you will say, not only furnishes to visibles the power of visibility but it also provedes for their generation and growth and nurture though it is not itself generation.

Plato, The Republic, Book VI, Section 509 D


- The origin of something is the source of it's essence. The question concerning the origin of the work of art asks about it's essential source.

Martin Heidegger, The origin of the work of Art


The sculptural works in UNIVERSALS, redefine space by examining the definitions of architecture and sculpture. The works derive from Senstad's ongoing examinations on light, spatial relations, the perceptive phenomena, color and form, and are solidified reinterpretations of her light and color projection studies over the past decade. The sculptures are representational of an original piece but are not the origin in itself.
The ideas of perception can be related to Malevich's essay on Suprematism in which he speaks about the non-objective system of elements through which sensations are expressed; the elements of non-objective sensations are the beginnings of true essence. In the sphere of perceptive phenomena, non-objective essence is similarily the source, the absolute and the pure.

The illustrations are of potential sculptures, as well as of actual pieces that have been produced and/or exhibited, in other forms and variations, such as for Senstad's exhibition during The 55 th Venice Biennale in 2013 and her solo show at SALT in Oslo the same year.

Materials: wood, resin, plexiglass, painted stainless steel, 3D acrylic printouts and lucite/plastics.

Dimnetions: Variable

Illustrations are made in collaboration with JWK Architects, NYC. All works are ©annekatrinesenstad2016