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SPOT - Houston Center for Photography
Summer 2007 Issue.Volume XXIV No.2. Pages 2-7
Written and curated by Madeline Yale


"Oslo and NY artist Anne Senstad's work signifies the nexus of art and photography. The artist's pean of affection for Josef Albers,
James Turell and Dan Flavin is evident in her wholly abstract images. Like Magasmen and Hillebrand, Senstad borrows everyday
objects. Using store bought fluorescent light fixtures, she photographs the light they cast on surfaces. Senstad's controlled study
of the perception of light, titled The Pink Project, examines the tonal properties of the color pink and it's associative euphoric qualities.
Through the process of mingling pink with other colors that vary in warmth and frequency, the behavioral and operational waves of
the construction, change to radiate new meanings. Though not digitally altered, Senstad's horizonless color fields challenge the
traditional rules of photographic composition."



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