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Reinventing The Vernacular – Reinventing Asir. A site specific multiple projection installation in the village of Al Okas, 9 km outside the city of Abha. The project was realized in February 2015 as part of the symposium and exhibition Reinventing the Vernacular, where Senstad's installation consisted of multiple projections of her video work Color Synesthesia VI,2014 60 min loop, with sound by composer, mathematician and philosopher Catherine Christer Hennix. Following are installation images and illustrations for the project presentation. These projections are part of Senstad's ongoing site specific architectural intervention art practice, raising awareness to local narratives and identity, preservation of heritage, cultural folklore, and chiefly, transformations of our perceptions of site and space. Through light, color and sound interventions, Senstad examines spatial and aesthetic relations, while simltanously altering an identity and an idea of place. These perpetual architectually informed portals of color and light transgress time and physicality of material.







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