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On the occasion of Prospect 1 - The New Orleans Biennial - multi site specific installations curated by the non for profit foundation KK Projects. At this site the installation is on the exterior of an abandoned post hurricane Katrina damaged Supermarket on Elysian Fields. Neon sentence title: Light Writes Always in Plural, 2008 (also shown at Zendai Moma and in their permanent collection). Medium: Neon tubes, mirror , transformer, variable sizes, edition of 3. Nov 10th 2008- Jan 25 2009


The location for the multiple artist installations and the KK Projects Halloween party was an abandoned post Hurricane Katrina former brickyard factory. The artists installed throughout the whole property as part of KK Projects Prospect 1 New Orleans Biennial exhibition. Senstad's installlation consisted of a video trilogy projection onto the exterior of the Brickyard main building. Video Trilogy title: Light Writes Always in Plural, Light Displacement - Section One, Two and Three, 2007-09. Prospect 1 - 10/11/2008 - 01/25/2009

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