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International Herald Tribune, May 30 2007



 In Oslo, artists' conceptions of change
By Joel Stratte-McClure International Herald Tribune
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How can art generate awareness about global warming, the environment and
environmental values? The "Envisioning Change" exhibition opens at the Nobel Peace Center in the heart of Oslo on June 5 to salute the United Nations World Environment Day.

It features the work of 40 international artists who were each asked to
address issues like climate change, its political implications, sustainable
development and apathy.The Canadian painter Robert Bateman's work in the former railroad station overlooking the harbor is entitled "Antarctic Evening — Humpback Whales."

The photographer Anne Senstad from Norway produced "Essence of Light," and the American artist Chris Jordan called his creation "Denali/Denial."

His design depicts 24,000 GMC "Denali" SUV logos arranged into a mosaic
mirroring Ansel Adams's photograph of Mt. McKinley in Alaska's Denali
National Park. Half of the logos have been changed to spell "Denial."Says Helen Bjørnøy, Norway's environment minister, "Art is a powerful agent
to increase environmental awareness," adding that the participating artists
are from Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Serbia, Spain, England, Peru,
Croatia, Wales, New Zealand, Japan and Argentina.

"The intent of the show is to both engage and educate," says Randy Jayne
Rosenberg, the show's curator. "It's an effort to inspire individuals to
reflect on their attitudes and actions." The exhibit moves to the Royal
Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels in September.