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Excerpt from How To Live Together by Roland Barthes. Session of March 23, 1977. Pages 90-93.

11.05 min

HD Single Channel Video

Audio Management JG Thirlwell

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MARGINALITÉS / MARGINALITIES is the third of 4 short films created during the pandemic of 2020-21 in collaboration with acclaimed actor Bill Sage and JG Thirlwell on audio management. Each chapter is a performative reading - a monologue extracted from French philosopher Roland Barthes university lecture series How To Live Together, published in 1977 on social conditions for tolerance and ideorrythmic living formats, as a response to the human experience of living through crisis and the ethics of citizenry in states of isolation, disenfranchisement and the societal upheaval that took place in the US in 2020 and early 2021, and elsewhere. Drawing lines through history and the story of the human experience, the short film unfolds conditions of power and the individual.

The series of films are each around 10-12 minutes long and present vignettes of stream of consciousness imagery inspired by Barthes text material Sage embarks on reinterpeting, with contemplative scenes on the agency of societal transformation and witnesses to life through the pandemic in New York, one of the hardest hit cities in the world in the spring of 2020 and its aftermath.

MARGINALITÉS / MARGINALITIES premiered Autumn 2021 on Streaming Museum.

The first film, Utopie / Utopia was part of Senstad's solo exhibition How We Live Together at Yi Gallery in New York, July - Sept 2020 and the group exhibiton Art's New Natures - Digital Dynamics in Nordic Art on Streamingmuseum.org fall Aug - Nov 2020. Short film no. 2, MÔNOSIS / MONOSIS was screened online as part of Streaming Museum's summer group exhibition 2021.

Webpage for the HOW WE LIVE TOGETHER Film series here


Supported by Norske Billedkunstnere, Norway

Awards: Utopie / Utopia was selected as an award winner on the Toronto Film Channel Festival, streamed on Dec 21, 2020.

Bill Sage has appeared in over 40 films. TV and stage productions. Films include American Psycho, Boiler Room, I Shot Andy Warhol, The Insider, Boardwalk Empire and numerous Hal Hartlet films who is a long time collaborator of Sage.

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