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Radical Light by Anne Katrine Senstad - with an enveloping sound envriornment by JG Thirlwell. June 16 - September 4, 2021

Organized by Seinajöki Kunsthall in collaboration with Kai Art Center and Art Promotion Centre Finland/Taike. Supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy Helsingfors.


Exhibition Text by Andres Kurg PDF

Link to short Seinajöki Kunsthall Radical Light exhibition documentary video and interview


Still images from the short documentary Radical Light Artist Interview commissioned for Seinajoki Kunsthall, filmed by Halo Creative.

Materials: Neon tubes, transformers, polyurathane acrylic rods, wires, attachments, Dimentions variable. All installation design, plans and artwork © Anne Katrine Senstad.

Photos by Anne Katrine Senstad/AKS Studio NY, Samuli Kuusisto/HALO Creative and Jenni Latva.



Senstad's immersive light sculpture environment ELEMENTS VI is an invitation to encounter a perceptual and sensorial taxonomuy of light and sound in pure form. In Radical Light Senstad examines the transformational potentials of experiential space and ethereal topologies. The installation is accompanied by a 38 minute looped sound composition by acclaimed composer JG Thirlwell enveloping the vast light sculptural matrices and the sensory chamber in a unifying sensation of vastness and electric impulses of spatial noise and poetic grandeur.

" The concept of Neon is perceived as matter and ether, as noble gases contained in glass tubes, emitting electric pulsations and waveforms through the aesthetic experience. In our daily lives we are bombarded by technology and the digital spectacle, while in my mind it feels a lot more natural for the human body, eyes, and our minds to experience the sensation of light and color as art form through neon. We as human beings are primitively and instinctivly drawn to light."



The minimalist monochromatic immersive light sculpture installation is a spatial sound and color environment that examines the notions of perception of space and the phenomenology of light, color and sound through our cognitive system. It explores tonalities in color and sound frequencies that operate on the highest spectrums, radiating a sense of purity and radical expansion of the interior space,mirroring elements of the universe through sets of matrices defined by a single horizon. The experiential installation is accompanied by an enveloping infinite sound composition by acclaimed composer JG Thirlwell.