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Video works in the COLOR PROJECTION series 2010-15

1. "Colour Kinesthesia" 2010
8.48 min,
sound by JG Thirlwell

2. "Colour Synesthesia - Variation I through II 2011
8.48 min each
, sound by JG Thirlwell

3. "Colour Synesthesia - Variation IV, Silent version" 2013, 60 min

4. "Colour Synesthesia - Variation VII" 2015, 48 min. Sound by CC Hennix

Multi channel HD video w/4 channel surround sound.

Edition of 6

The video pieces Colour Kinesthesia, Colour Synesthesia Variation I-VII , The Locker Plant Projections, Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid and The Kinesthesia of Saint Brigid, are all part of a larger body of works that examine the phenomenology and the notions of sensorial experiences of light, color and sound, ocular perseptions and spatial relations, through multi channel projections, re recording and documentation of projections and the dimentional properties of surround sound. In Colour Synesthesia, Variation IV, 2013, shown at the Venice Biennial 2013, the video projection included the sculptural works Universals. Installations have also taken place as part of festivals such as Dallas Aurora, Rencontres Internationales and NordicDeLight London. Installations in Cathedrals and Churches as part of architectural installatins, have taken place at Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin Mary, Dallas, St Pauls Methodist Church, Dallas and St Brigids Cathedral, Ottawa, Canada. (Deconsecrated)